The first intelligent response to the increasingly intense challenge of risk.

In today’s world, effective financial crime risk management and good governance are imperatives. Panoptic is a powerful customer risk management and reporting solution designed to help businesses achieve optimal compliance. Integrating seamlessly with existing client administration, payment, CRM and book-keeping systems, Panoptic offers real time risk based customer monitoring, CDD and reporting functionality on a single platform.

Regulatory pressure on financial institutions has never been so intense. Panoptic is transforming the ability of businesses to govern customer risk.

The Challenge

The regulatory burden on the finance industry has increased rapidly over the past decade.

Businesses are now required to comply with more demanding standards relating to

  • the collection and maintenance of good quality, up to date CDD for their customers
  • the continual review of customer risk and business risk assessments
  • enhanced tax reporting obligations such as FATCA and CRS
  • the governance of risk at executive and board level
  • international and extra-territorial sanctions regimes

In today’s unforgiving enforcement environment, failure to comply – and to be able to demonstrate compliance to regulators in a timely manner – can prove costly. Yet many firms struggle to meet compliance obligations, hindered by legacy IT systems originally designed for different tasks, leading to

  • the storage of customer data across several platforms and in hard copy
  • difficulties with the extraction and analysis of data
  • inefficient manual processes resulting in high compliance staff costs
  • an inability to react quickly to shifts in the risk environment, such as rule changes and the implementation of sanctions
  • poor quality MI and resulting weak governance of risk

The result is that businesses which hold good quality CDD on their customers are either unable to meet their full compliance obligations, or can only do so by relying on makeshift solutions allied with a continual growth in compliance headcount, which is both costly and increases the risk of human error.

The Solution

Panoptic has been designed to meet the challenge of the capability gap created by the disconnect between enhanced regulation and legacy IT and data storage systems.

Through its innovative proprietary interface technology, Panoptic draws information from across your existing platforms into a single dataset and overlays it with powerful analysis, monitoring and reporting tools.

This enables businesses to

  • Monitor evolving customer risk in real time
  • View complex relationships involving multiple entities from a single point
  • Instantly produce all relevant CDD and account information from a single source
  • Automate key components of annual customer risk reviews
  • React immediately to external developments and rules changes
  • Evidence a truly dynamic firm-wide business risk assessment
  • Intelligently target compliance sampling and testing
  • Implement and evidence effective compliance reporting and governance of risk


In summary, Panoptic empowers businesses to demand, receive and rely upon real time customer risk information to make smarter decisions.


The power of a centralised perspective for dynamic real time customer risk management and reporting. Enforce effective governance through intelligent reporting, and empower your organisation with the ability to achieve optimal compliance through a single platform.

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